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Hotel Villamarina Club

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The three star Villamarina Club Hotel is situated 750 metres from the beach in Salou, on the north east coast of Spain, approximately 12 kilometres from Reus Airport and 100 kilometres from Barcelona.... more

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Villamarina Club rating 10 out of 10
"Fab, Fab, Fab And Going Back"
Travel date: April 2010
Review date: 15 May 2010 - A HotelStreet visitor from East Midlands wrote:-
Cannot fault this hotel. Close to the beach and shops. Very helpful staff - couldn't do more to help and the food, well, absolutely superb. Can't fault it. Lots of variety, always hot and delicious. Entertainment was great fun for everyone and although it went on till midnight, security always made sure it was quiet by half 12. Rooms were cleaned daily, although they were a bit on the small side but then you only sleep in them.

We are all going back next year to the Villamarina Club. Absolute value for money. Cannot fault this hotel. Thanks for a fab stay. Party ages were 21, 25, 30 and 40 and we all loved it.
Villamarina Club rating 10 out of 10
"Fab Time!"
Travel date: July 2009
Review date: 22 July 2009 - A HotelStreet visitor from Eire wrote:-
Just back from a week's stay at the Villamarina Club with two adults and four kids aged five to 17. Given option to take apartment and did. Much more room and privacy. Rooms cleaned every day and only across the road from hotel. Make use of its pool - very little use it.

Hotel great for kids. Hire a buggy - good value. Only do Portaventura for one day - very long and a lot of walking. Take a trip to the beach - lovely places to eat and shop.

Staff and reps great but can be very loud at entertainment at night. Will definitely go back - very safe and kids are looked after 100%.
Villamarina Club rating 3 out of 10
"Benidorm Meets Shameless"
Travel date: July 2009
Review date: 15 July 2009 - A HotelStreet visitor from UK wrote:-
Just returned from Salou staying at the Villamarina Club (aka Benidorm meets Shameless!)

First the positive: Bar staff work hard, Quiet at night as staff enforce a strict no noise after 12.30 which was excellent! Dining room staff work hard.

Don't think there was a cook - never mind a chef! Unfortunately staying there is hard work! We were a party of three - one adult, one 16 year old and one nine year old. All inclusive. I have never encountered more disgusting food anywhere I have travelled! (I'm well travelled and not hard to please.) Everything on offer was floating in water, trays of bacon floating, grey meat with greasy, watery grey stuff over it! Chicken nuggets were brown inside, which my nine year old thought was tuna nuggets (must have been 10p a hundred). Bread that was thrown about, handled and left day after day! Thank goodness for a toaster - one of two which was servicing the whole hotel! All the food was inedible.

Rooms: Only two beds in the room for three. When I asked for the third bed, they left a camp bed with no sheets or blankets. The room was so tiny we couldn't have put the bed up anyway, so I was able to retreat to the balcony, but oops -what balcony there was enough room for a stool sideways. (This was later named the diary room where I asked to be nominated to be evicted from the Asbo Big Brother House!) I soon realised we must have failed a task somewhere along the line to be on basic rations and there was me paying a fortune for this holiday.

Well, there was always the pool, but unfortunately this was located beside the snack bar which served pink boiled sausages (not so hot dogs). The paper plates strewn upside down on the broken sun beds was a bit of a turn-off!

Day seven in the Asbo Big Brother house the bus arrived to take us to the airport for home. The rep didn't have to call anyone - she was rushed from the guests waiting to get away!

This hotel could be quite good if they employed a chef and enforced guests cleaning up after their children.

On a more serious note, on arrival the hotel takes your passport and photocopies it. Unbeknown to me, they had given me someone else's passport, which I only discovered at the airport returning home. Thank goodness the owner of the passport I had was also on the same flight and we were able to retrieve ours! Could have been very serious. So check your passports when they return them!

If you're going there, good luck!
Villamarina Club rating 10 out of 10
"Sad To Leave The Villamarina Club Hotel"
Travel date: May 2009
Review date: 26 May 2009 - A HotelStreet visitor from Stockton On Tees wrote:-
I have just came home from a week's stay at the Villamarina hotel and I wish I had booked up for longer. I had read a lot of the reviews that people had written and was a bit worried. I really don't understand what the problem is.

This hotel is three star which I think should be higher. I can not pick any faults with this hotel. The food was very nice with lots of choice - different choices every day. The waiting staff worked really hard but still had a friendly smile. I know that people are on holiday but I think that it would have been nice to take their finished plates to the trolley.

Our room was nice with a nice little balcony. From the reviews, I expected our room to be tiny but it was a good size and was cleaned daily by the cleaners who, I think, do a good job of keeping the place clean and work really long hours. I often saw them cleaning at 11.00 at night.

It had a lovely little park with tables near it so you can watch your little ones. My little two year old had a great time in the park, The staff even do things in the park with the little ones like making biscuits, drawing, playing games and on a night, they put the big screen on with a DVD on for the kids to watch.

The pool area was kept clean with a snack bar which had lots of nice things to eat. The staff played games in the pool with the kids most days which was a good laugh. Every night the entertainment was good. Before the entertainment, the staff did party dances with the kids. Then, after as could even play bingo if you wanted to.

The bar staff were always busy but found the time for a smile and a chat in between serving and cleaning tables. Every one of the staff who work at the Villamarina is great and doing a good job. Keep up the good work.

The only bad thing I can think of is that I am a stone heavier because of all the nice food and that I had to come home!
Villamarina Club rating 10 out of 10
"What An Awesome Week"
Travel date: October 2008
Review date: 19 October 2008 - A HotelStreet visitor from Scotland, UK wrote:-
Where do I start? We were four divorcees in our 40s and found the Villamarina Club hotel had a selection of entertainment for all ages. We paid 350 for a week and it was definitely money well spent. This hotel should be be five star instead of three.

Our apartment had huge, massive rooms and every thing at hand, even a washing machine. The view from the balcony was great.

The entertainment was great. Tiny, Tash and Liz made us all very welcome and the were great at keeping everyones' kids happy. Tiny, well, what can I say? He was fantastic and we had a great laugh with him.

Reception staff were very friendly, the bar staff were always willing to help and serve you quickly. Pools were great and kept very clean.

Jesse at the snack bar was very friendly and even gave us a lift to the kebab shop at 1 a.m. when he finished.

Rooms were cleaned daily and fresh towels daily. Bed linen changed three times in the week.

The food was great with a wide selection daily. Can't fault the kitchen and waiting staff. Very clean dining area.

I've been to Salou five times and I can say this is the best hotel and holiday I've ever had and I can't wait to go back in May 2009 but this time will be going for two weeks as we enjoyed ourselves so much a week wasn't long enough.

Just want to say thanks to hotel, bar and kitchen staff and entertainers for making us feel very welcome and giving us a week we will never forget.
Villamarina Club rating 10 out of 10
"Villamarina Club Hotel Is Great!"
Travel date: October 2007
Review date: 12 September 2008 - A HotelStreet visitor from Portsmouth, England, UK wrote:-
All I can say is what an amazing place to be each day and night. We all had a fantastic time. It was an all inclusive three star hotel and every penny spent was worth it.

I especially enjoyed the dancing - all the children watching them have fun was a picture. I'm so glad I came to this hotel. Couldn't ask for more!

The hotel rooms had a nice view from the balcony, beaches were absolutely beautiful and even just to walk around and see what Salou had to offer was amazing.

The staff at the Villamarina Club were a great pleasure to be with for a week. The entertainers kept us all smiling each evening!

My daughter had her 15th birthday there and wanted to stay in the hotel with one of the entertainers, Tiny and, in her opinion, he made her holiday complete.

Jesi at the snack bar would always try his best to put a smile on your face and succeeded each time. We also met some fantastic people and made a lot of friends!

Both pools were an acceptable size and all my children had a splash about, they loved it and it kept them happy.

All the hotel rooms were cleaned each day. We never once felt uncomfortable about where we were staying.

Can't forget PortAventura! An amazing theme park, fantastic rides and makes your day a whole lot more than what it could originally have been!

I am now going there October 2009 and can guarantee I will have an amazing time, just like I did last time. A fantastic price for an fantastic family holiday.
Villamarina Club rating 10 out of 10
"Best Ever Holiday!"
Travel date: October 2007
Review date: 17 November 2007 - A HotelStreet visitor from Norwich, England, UK wrote:-
Myself and my family have just arrived home from having a fantastic time at the Villa Marina. We paid just under 500 for four, for a week all inclusive at this three star hotel and it was worth every single penny.

The food was good with a great variety. The entertainment was also great, my little girl just loved the dancing every night and the entertainment staff did their very best to keep both the adults and kids entertained both day and night.

The staff I found in the whole to be very friendly. The male receptionist and Eva, the manager, were especially helpful and went out of their way to make sure we were OK and couldn't have been nicer. I see some people have complained that the bar staff's English was not brilliant! It's a different country where another language is spoken and I had no problem in getting them to understand what drink I wanted. Jesi the snack bar staff, was most entertaining and made our holiday complete!

People are also moaning about the swimming pools. The pools were average size, they were kept clean and there are plenty of sunbeds around them to relax on. The children's pool was a big hit with my little girl and very easy to keep an eye on.

The rooms are small but you only sleep, shower and get changed in them. They were cleaned every day and fresh towels were provided daily if you wanted them. If you want to live in your room stay at home! There is a TV in every room with Sky TV included.

What more do want for just 125 each for the whole week? You would spend more than that staying in a caravan in cold old England. Even my 15 year old son said it was the best holiday ever and never wanted to go anywhere but there again.

Would I go back? Just try and stop me! Fantastic value for money and a great family holiday.
Villamarina Club rating 1 out of 10
"Yes! Beware!"
Travel date: October 2007
Review date: 24 October 2007 - A HotelStreet visitor from Isle Of Man wrote:-
The Hotel Villamarina, I would not recommend to anyone. Why the low rating? Read and find out.

The receptionist was rude and was caught several times rolling her eyes at the guests.

The nightly entertainment was good; the kids had fun, bingo, quizzes, pool tables shooting games, machines of that variety for kids. They did have a little play area for toddlers.

Even though it was all inclusive and there was a limit to how much alcohol you could get at one time, the staff still gave free (a word which British people love) alcohol to those guests already drunk.

The flies there were the worst part of my holiday. If you were anywhere outside the hotel, you were attacked by flies.
At one point I had ten on my feet and three on my arms (not including the rest of my body and surrounding area). Other guests were complaining about the flies and one boy refused to go outside because of them.

There was also a sewage smell around the outside tables and chairs that wafted in and out regularly.

The dining times were a little out for families with young children. Breakfast 8 - 10.30, lunch around 12 - 2ish (I was out eating other places during the day) and dinner 7 - 9.30 (a little late for kiddies I think). For breakfast on the first day there was bacon, fried egg, sausages, beans and some salads. It was OK. Day two and breakfast was bacon, scrambled egg, sausages, beans and found the toast machine.
Day three and breakfast was bacon, fried egg, sausages and beans. Realized there was cereal around the corner and some melon. There was staff in there but they just refilled the serving trays or cleared away the paper table cloths. No variety on the breakfast and the food became dull and not nice enough to have (even though you didn't have to pay for every meal). I had meals outside the hotel. The coffee was foamy; the tea was, it was, horribly foamy? Horrible and luke warm.

Free alcohol and anything local. Warm water in the coffee machine and juice machine was free. Local bottled water was not, even thought it is a vital thing for the human body and obviously the tap water was undrinkable. It was easy to taste the cordial and flat lemonade that made the juices in the machines.

The rooms are not all the same. When we arrived we could peek into other rooms as we passed. Some were a single bed - small and tiny. Some were like the pictures they show you on the internet. Mine was OK. It had two single beds and a camp bed? No flower on the table, no nicely just cleaned smell and the bath was half the size of a standard bath. The shower hose dribbled out, (seriously, no exaggeration there).

The cleaners came to the rooms during breakfast (you had to be at breakfast 8 - 10.30, no lying in). They only changed the towels if you put them in the bath (sometimes), they made the beds and mop the floor. They never changed the sheets, at all, for the whole week. The cleaners did such a good job that on our neighbouring balcony I saw two old, dry, dirty bikinis, (not on the balcony, down the front of it). The wardrobe was broken, the walls inside were peeling and I did not take my clothes out of my case.

Most of the things you would have liked to have i.e. TV remote; riding bikes, use of the safe in the wardrobe, most of it was a high deposit.

By 12 midnight everyone had to go to their rooms, so the drunkards didn't cause too much bother, but it took a lot of time for them to actually leave the tables and go their rooms.

One of the handrails in the bathroom was broken. The ceiling tiles around the air conditioning were disgusting. There was two single plug sockets the entire room, one in the bathroom for the 100 years old hose hair dryer, (which took over an hour to dry my thick hair) and another for the television.
The lighting in the bedroom was awful, the bathroom lighting was ten times better. A tiny little window in the bathroom, that if you tried to look out of it all you could see was a tunnel from the window up to the roof. The walls were so thin we could hear the TV next door and people talking up the corridor.

The music or entertainment was so loud that if you decided to go to bed early, you would not have any sleep until all the guests were in their rooms, at around 1 a.m.

The shop keepers said 'gracias' or thank you in a void type of voice, or either didn't say a word other than the price.
Only the doctor in the chemist was polite and he was the only one throughout the holiday.

So over all, the weather, the shopping, the beach and the other dining places were good, but the disappointment of this hotel ruined my holiday.

Do not go. Another guest wrote on their hotel review sheet, 'Should be knocked down and start again'.
Villamarina Club rating 2 out of 10
Travel date: October 2007
Review date: 17 October 2007 - A HotelStreet visitor from Australia wrote:-
I have just returned from holidaying at Villamarina. On arrival there was no room booked for us so we were taken across the road to another lot of apartments where there was serious domestic fighting and dogs barking.

We were then reluctantly changed to another room above the entertainment area. The volume of screeching from the microphones could be heard about a block from the resort at night and our room was inhabitable until after midnight each evening.

The reception area dealt with many complaints on a daily basis and refused to alter our room even though on two consecutive mornings I observed others being changed.

This resort is definitely not all inclusive. Last month we stayed at another all inclusive resort and paid nothing additional for the whole week. Villamarina had so many traps in regards to money, especially for children. There were vending machines placed throughout the hotels for sweets, toys, tattoos and even the pool tables required money to use them. The entertainment program had some excellent artists but again parents needed to pay for photos with entertainers rather than use their own cameras.

The reception staff were abrupt and abrasive. They only recommended the use of taxis, although we found the train to be very convenient. My advice is that this resort would suit people who don't mind loud noise and have unruly children. If you have already booked then make use of the fantastic sight seeing that the area has to offer.
Villamarina Club rating 10 out of 10
"The Greatest Place To Go"
Travel date: August 2007
Review date: 30 March 2008 - A HotelStreet visitor from England wrote:-
I was reading everyone's reviews and I believed the good ones, not the bad ones and guess what, the good ones were right.

OK, the rooms may not be big but why stay in your room all day, what's the point? The staff, well I have never met such nice people. They are always helping you out if you're stuck and the entertainment is fab if you have kids and you're going there or if you don't.

Trust me, I had a wonderful time and I'm very fussy about what hotels I'm staying in but this one is just amazing and I'm going back this year to the Villamarina Club. I just can't wait!
Villamarina Club rating 8 out of 10
"For Kids And Adults Alike"
Travel date: August 2007
Review date: 30 March 2008 - A HotelStreet visitor from UK wrote:-
Hotel Villamarina was great as it caters for all - young, old and especially for the kids. It's near to the shops and the health clinic if needed. It's 15 minutes away from two beaches. There is also a swing park for the kids if they get fed up at the hotel, which is only ten minutes away. I thought it was good and we would like to go back again. It's also only a bus journey away from Portaventura, which we loved. We went twice while on holiday there for two weeks. Hoping to get back next year, fingers crossed.

What we really enjoyed was the food. I'm a single mum and went all inclusive. This was my first time flying and first time abroad and, like I said, we hope to get back next year. I know my son wants to go back too as he still talks about it.
Villamarina Club rating 9 out of 10
"Great All Inclusive Holiday"
Travel date: July 2007
Review date: 20 May 2008 - A HotelStreet visitor from Derbyshire wrote:-
This was our first holiday abroad for our family - two adults, four children 14,12,seven and one and our friends - two adults and two children. We found the Villamarina Club hotel to be just what we expected for the price. All of us loved it and would go back again.

Rooms are quite small and I would say take your own hair dryer. The staff were all friendly, including the driver of the free hotel minibus and they all had a sense of humour. Towels and bed sheets were changed if you leave them in the bath. Food was great and plenty of fresh trays being put out. Kids loved the snacks of pizza, chips, hot dogs and burgers. Pools were cleaned regularly.

We walked into Salou most nights which took about 15 minutes and got a cheap taxi back. All in all there is nothing I would complain about.
Villamarina Club rating 8 out of 10
"Good Hotel"
Travel date: July 2007
Review date: 05 October 2007 - A HotelStreet visitor from UK wrote:-
This is a pretty good hotel. We were told before going that we should ask to stay in one of the apartments across the road. This was a very good idea, especially if you have a big family.

The apartments are spacious and a lot bigger than the hotel rooms. The pool here was small but suited us fine. The food was OK. The entertainment was great and the staff were friendly. It is definitely a good idea to ask for an apartment in the Villamarina Club if you want a bit more space.
Villamarina Club rating 4 out of 10
"Poor Stay"
Travel date: June 2007
Review date: 11 July 2007 - A HotelStreet visitor from Chesterfield, England wrote:-
The rooms are too small and no good for families with teenagers as everybody sleeps in one room. Food not superb - breakfast is either fried eggs or scrambled beans, always cold. Main meals OK if you like chips and spicy meats. Security staff aggressive with teenage boys and well over the top.

Rooms are very clean and done everyday. The entertainment staff do an excellent job and are the best feature this hotel has to offer.
Villamarina Club rating 10 out of 10
"Excellent Stay At Villamarina"
Travel date: September 2006
Review date: 27 September 2006 - A HotelStreet visitor from England wrote:-
Me and my mate went to Salou and stayed at the Villamarina Club for a week for a girly holiday and it was great. The food was lovely and we noticed they were always changing the food regularly and had a great variety and it was very nice.

Entertainment was very good, especially if have got children. It keeps them very entertained.

Location was good bit of a walk - 15 minutes to beach but it is a nice walk past all the shops.

The rooms were nice and clean and had everything you need. Would definitely go back, hopefully next year.
Villamarina Club rating 9 out of 10
"Brilliant Holiday At Villamarina"
Travel date: August 2005
Review date: 02 September 2005 - A HotelStreet visitor from Lake District, England wrote:-
My family had a wonderful time. Entertainment was very good. Food was very good. Hotel was central for most things we wanted to do. Dino and Geezer made me laugh. Bar staff very friendly. Claudio the lifeguard was very fair. If sun beds were not being used, he removed towels and at least people that were on the premises could get one. The arranged trips were also excellent and good value for money.
Villamarina Club rating 2 out of 10
"Villamarina Club Hotel Pool"
Travel date: August 2004
Review date: 18 August 2005 - A HotelStreet visitor from Northamptonshire, England wrote:-
Balcony four feet by one foot, no air conditioning, some small rooms have five beds. Only allowed two drinks per person at bar at one time so have to queue for at least 30 minutes for drinks. Not many sun beds, no food near pool, not even an ice cream, no lilos, no rubber rings, photos taken of sun beds with towels on, if not used for one hour towels taken off (early morning) couple of staff very rude (tell you off as if you were children), patio door no lock on it.

Some people were given keys to rooms already occupied and had to go to hotel across road. Complaints being made by people every day. Daytime activities poor, no activities for teenagers only for small children, and a few for sixteen and over.
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