Hotel Playa Bonita in Benalmadena
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Hotel Playa Bonita

Benalmadena, Costa del Sol
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The Playa Bonita Hotel is situated 500 metres from the centre of Benalmádena.... more

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Playa Bonita rating 6 out of 10
"Can Improve ..."
Travel date: August 2010
Review date: 28 June 2011 - A HotelStreet visitor from Valladolid wrote:-

1. Animation team (Rafa, Jessy, Miriam)
2. Room views.
3. Food of main brands (Mahou, Zumosol, Nestle, Gallina Blanca)

Not OK
1. Swimming pool distance (200 metres, three minutes walking)
2. Waiting time in high season (lifts, live cooking, beach club)
3. Signing every drink ticket with 'all inclusive'
4. Kids between two and three years have to pay, but they can not enter the mini club)
5. Room size
6. Only satellite TV, no TDT.
Playa Bonita rating 2 out of 10
"Avoid This Hotel At All Costs"
Travel date: September 2009
Review date: 29 October 2009 - A HotelStreet visitor from North East, England wrote:-
This was our daughter's first holiday. Even though the sea views were fantastic and the beach was lovely, the Playa Bonita hotel itself is one to avoid. The rooms are very small, basic and cramped - not four star at all. They are very loud until late so totally unsuitable for young children.

Booked all inclusive - but hotel does not include everything as stated in travel agent brochure and only able to use one small bar actually in the hotel for drinks to serve entire hotel. Food is very repetitive, mainly meat, but not always cooked properly (beware) - nothing suitable for young children to eat.

We were so stressed throughout our entire holiday and because of lack of sleep due to noisy rooms, it spoilt the holiday and we would not recommend anybody to visit this hotel.
Playa Bonita rating 5 out of 10
"Playa Bonita Hotel - Don't Go"
Travel date: June 2008
Review date: 15 June 2008 - A HotelStreet visitor from West Midlands, Solihull wrote:-
We were at this hotel in the first week in June. In our opinion, it is only boarder line for a four star rating. Very average sort of hotel.

Rooms are fairly basic but we had a very good outlook which was excellent. Reception staff are very polite and professional but restaurant staff need some 'schooling'. Food wise, very repetitive and ran out quickly. Get there early. They don't replenish frequently (especially on deserts). If you happen to be a vegetarian, this is a no go hotel.

All in all the Playa Bonita hotel for me was not what was expected. Benalmadena itself is a very nice resort (get there by bus)and has a wonderful port - well worth a visit.
Playa Bonita rating 9 out of 10
"Fabulous Hotel"
Travel date: September 2007
Review date: 30 September 2007 - A HotelStreet visitor from Glasgow, Scotland wrote:-
Just come back from a very enjoyable holiday staying at the Playa Bonita. Food was wonderful, bedrooms lovely with two huge beds, spotlessly clean, every one of the staff were really pleasant and helpful.

The hotel is a bit out of the way but they run courtesy buses and service bus right at the door. To be honest my wife and myself could have sat on the balcony for the ten days looking at the sea. Every room has a sea view.

The only downside for us was the outdoor pool. We felt there were far too many loungers for the small terrace area so we used the beach and paid 4.50 euros per sun bed which we didn't mind at all but we felt the sun bed pads were very dirty and tatty and they really need to renew them. All in all super hotel and we will certainly be going back.
Playa Bonita rating 9 out of 10
"Playa Bonita"
Travel date: July 2007
Review date: 16 July 2007 - A HotelStreet visitor from Stoke On Trent England wrote:-
The Playa Bonita hotel was very secure for children. The staff were all friendly and nice. Beware of what is all inclusive though. You may get a bill at the end if you don't read the small print, as we did.

The food was lovely, but had to queue quite a bit. Lots of Spanish stay at this hotel but they were all very friendly. The rooms were lovely with a sea view.
Playa Bonita rating 8 out of 10
"Playa Bonita Review"
Travel date: July 2007
Review date: 07 July 2007 - A HotelStreet visitor from Manchester, England, UK wrote:-
The hotel is very nice and clean. The food is very good and I had a crepe every night! I really enjoyed my stay and had a breathtaking view from my balcony. All the rooms of the hotel are overlooking the sea view so everyone is guaranteed to get a room with a lovely view.

The only down side to the hotel is that it is very isolated from everywhere else and there is not a lot to do. If the entertainment one night wasn't really what we liked, we couldn't go anywhere else because that was the only bar for about three miles or so. Apart from this, my stay at Hotel Playa Bonita was excellent!
Playa Bonita rating 7 out of 10
"Playa Bonita"
Travel date: August 2004
Review date: 09 August 2004 - A HotelStreet visitor from Antwerpen , België wrote:-
We were pleased to stay in the hotel, but the last three days I believed the hotel was (over)crowded, we stayed from 30/07/-08/08/2004. The complaint that I have was only about the restaurant, that we had to wait was not the problem, the food was good.
Normally I don't write any note or I don't say anything. I am a (head) waitress myself so I know how customers are and how stressed it can be in busy moments. The last night that we went to the restaurant, it made me angry. We were on the late time, that I have to tell, 9.30pm., we found a table just cleaned and asked if we could sit there, no problem. The lady was very busy so we waited, we served ourselves like it is in self-service, ordered us a drink, she was standard friendly. 10.10pm, we asked for more drinks, than suddenly she started puffing, listened to the order, took impolitely the hotel card and walked away without a word of speaking. We didn't know if we were going to get the drinks, she came back, slammed the drinks on the table and walked away. We were bewildered.
We were on vacation, had all the time of the world and had totally now stress. She reminds me of my work and the way people can be. For me it is a lesson that I take home and bring over on my staff. We know when our shifts start, but never know when we finished. We are in a serving business so please if you can not, stay out off it!
I had the opportunity to speak to the general manager but I don't wanted to make a drama of it. I only wanted to tell my story now that I am home.
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