Republic of Malta, Regions and Information
The Maltese Archipelago is made up of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino and lies almost in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, being some 93 kilometres south of Italy and 465 kilometres north of Africa. The islands have a total population of about 400,000 and the national languages are English and Maltese. All road signs are in English and driving is on the left. The national currency is the Maltese Lira.

The Archipelago has been continuously inhabited for some 7,000 years and has some of the oldest known human structures in the world. Malta is the largest island being the cultural, commercial and administrative centre, Gozo is second largest and is more rural with an emphasis on tourism, fishing and agriculture, while Comino is almost uninhabited but is a haven for sub aqua swimmers.

The climate of the region is typical of the Mediterranean, with a very sunny climate and low rainfall. Winters are mild, but with occasional chilly spells blown down from central Europe, and spring and autumn can have unseasonably high temperatures and humidity, brought by the hot Sirocco winds from Africa, which also affect Italy and Greece. As the islands lie further south than northern Tunisia, the sun is very strong and good sun creams and sun hats are recommended, especially for children, even in winter. There are many beaches on the Archipelago with no tides, but some do have strong under currents so it is recommended that swimming is only done where the Maltese swim.

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Republic of Malta, Regions and Information
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